You may be interested in becoming a computer technician. It’s a growing field, after all, and you probably use a computer regularly. Keeping computers running may just sound like the perfect job for you, with respectable pay and growth. Now just how can you get to be a computer technician? That’s the part you have to investigate.

The first thing to do is to look at what computer technicians do. The job title gives a general idea, but there’s always more to it. Here are just some of the job duties a computer technician can expect to perform:

Install hardware and software
Computer maintenance
Manage computer security systems
Handle computer problems
Set up and configure networks
Provide technical support

How Can You Qualify as a Computer Technician?

In general, the more comfortable you are with computers, the better off you’ll be. If you’re the person handling all the computer problems for your family, or even if you just handle all your own computer problems, you’ll probably take well to computer technician training. This isn’t a job for people who are completely intimidated by computers.

Knowing the basics won’t make you a computer technician, however. You need to get deeper into the computer and how it works, so that you can get in there and troubleshoot individual parts. You need to be comfortable with the computer’s BIOS, not just the interface you see everyday.

This is where training comes in. You can attend classes online or in person to learn how to become a computer technician. You want a course that will prepare you for the CompTIA A+ certification, which is valuable in finding work. Certification isn’t an absolute requirement, but many jobs require it, making it an advantage when you start looking for work.

Make sure that your school doesn’t just prepare you for the exam, of course. You really want that practical knowledge in general, not just stuff to help you pass the test. More important in the long run, after all, is that you can hold down a job in your chosen profession, not just that you got certified. That certificate is a step in the road, not your ultimate goal.

How’s the Job Market?

Like most other positions, the job market for computer technicians is pretty competitive, especially when you’re first starting out and don’t have years of experience in the job behind you. However, it’s a growing industry, so you should have a fair shot at landing a job. I can’t say guaranteed; that’s not something anyone can say, other than the person hiring you at that moment. But growing industries means companies are looking to hire people for that sort of work.

Get Your Education Started

If you’re ready to get your education started, check out Career Step. They offer computer technician training online. Their course should help you prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification test as well as for your career.