There are many careers to pick from, and it’s hard to choose the right one. But if working in the medical field interests you, getting an education to be a medical administrative assistant may be of interest to you.

Like many medical careers, there are expected to be increasing jobs available to medical administrative assistants. That’s great when you’re worried about finding a job after you get your education. While that’s no guarantee that you’ll get the exact job you want after you graduate, entering a growing field helps to improve your chances.

Medical administrative assistant jobs are available in most communities. Doesn’t matter where you live, after all; people still need to go to the doctor, and the doctor needs support staff. That’s a help if you may have to move later on. You don’t have to worry that you’re in the wrong area for your particular career.

A medical administrative assistant manages much of the day to day office work for a doctor. You may deal with medical records, schedule appointments, verify patient insurance, and more. Your exact duties may vary by office.

The advantage to getting an education specific to this job comes when you start applying for jobs. You look far more prepared to start work than applicants who just want to get into the job, and that matters a lot to many employers. It doesn’t usually require a license, although a good education will help you prepare for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant test if you like. This can be a help in your job hunt.

The education isn’t too hard to get. You can even get training online through Career Step. Their program is very good quality, and they have a lot of support for students. The course takes about 200 hours, so the duration depends on how many hours a week you spend on it. They also offer tips for your job hunt after graduation.